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This week at The Infants' Home: June 18 to June 22, 2018

- June 22, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Johnson House Preschool - AFL on the lawn

Children at Johnson House Preschool have enjoyed getting out onto the main lawn, playing some games and learning new skills at AFL. Physical activity gives children a chance to run around as fast as they can, getting the heart rate up and developing their big muscles. As they played games children used their imaginations to become animals and move their bodies in different ways. The children demonstrated they were paying attention by listening and by being able to follow simple directions. Physical activity also helps children to learn patience as they wait for their turn, or to have their ideas heard.



Murray House Infants and Toddlers - kitchen play and learning about community languages

At Murray House Infants, children have been showing interest in cooking, and so educators have created a new kitchen corner with visual images, food packaging, and playdough. Children baked pizza, cupcakes and lots of dishes by adding and mixing all kinds of imaginary ingredients. Lots of skills were demonstrated as they played. Children used motor skills to roll and shape the playdough, collaboratively playing as they added ingredients and cooked together. Language skills were developed as they engaged in discussions about the way they cooked and ingredients that they would like to add.

At Murray House Toddlers, educators have been partnering with families to collect and introduce words from the many different languages spoken both in children's homes and by Murray House staff. The children sang the new terms to an invented “Hello” and “Good morning” song, to the tune of “This old man” using a combination of Auslan signs and cultural gestures. The children heard, and were asked to try to say (and sing) “Hello” in Hindu (“Namaste”), Korean (“Ann Yeong”), Mandarin (“Ni Hao”) and in the Gadigal language (“Budyeri Kamaru”). It is important for children to hear their home languages spoken and see that they are valued at the centre.



Family Day Care - inventive play with recycled materials

Children at Little Gum Trees FDC have been engaging in some inventive play. The children were all ready to play with a new toy, but when a screwdriver couldn't be located to put it together disappointment was averted by their educator, who provided some recycled cardboard boxes and sticky tape. The children came up with a great idea for a new toy - a pom pom track. After experimenting with height and speed, they got the cylinders in the right place, making sure the pom poms would speed down the track. The children learned about cause and effect, trial and error, and motion. 



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