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This week at The Infants' Home: July 30 to August 3, 2018

- August 3, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Murray House 

Fixing our humpy

A couple of weeks ago, the toddlers built a small humpy in the far end of Murray House toddlers’ yard. A humpy, or gunyah, is a word used to describe a small, temporary shelter built by Aboriginal people. Traditionally, it is made out of tree branches and bark, as well as found materials such as sheet of corrugated iron, canvas, or flattened metal drum. The humpy has provided rich opportunities for children to learn more about the lives of Australian Aboriginals, through exploring story books with pictures of humpy in them. The humpy would also often be used as a prop in dramatic play as “a cave” (where the big bear lives!).

A group of children were also working along with the educators to fix our humpy as it started to look a bit sad. Pieces of palm leaves that were used to build the humpy in the beginning, have dried up and fell off the construction. They showed excitement to find the biggest palm tree they could see and carried them over to the humpy. Once it was done, the children happily sat under it, exploring a stack of wooden blocks painted with Aboriginal symbols. The symbols are used to tell a story, providing opportunities for children to develop language skills and imagination.



Rigby House 

The toddler children are always keen to go for a walk around The Infants Home grounds. 
When they hear that they are going for a walk, the children go and get their hats and hold hands with each other. The children enjoy visiting their siblings in the older programs, and then are excited to explore the main lawn area. 

Lately, a favourite spot has been going to the big logs in the main lawn. The children are working out how to climb onto them, and then jump off. Their big smiles display their great sense of achievement and enjoyment of this challenging physical activity. 



Johnson House Preschool 

Science continues to be explored in a variety of fun, yet educational ways in Johnson House preschool.  

Many small groups of children have been involved in a range of experiments including bubble blowing, walking water - where colours were observed to blend together to make new colours as well as the creation of slime. Such experiments build on the children’s capabilities to hypothesise, problem solve as well as ask and answer questions. It also helps to foster children’s curiosity and gain a basic understanding of scientific concepts. The educators have been fostering opportunities for the children to have a sense of ownership in conducting experiments. The children are actively involved in setting up and checking back in on the progress of the experiments and experiences and then work together to plan for future projects and ideas.



Family Day Care 

Let it roll!!

Playsession is a great opportunity for educators to come together and explore, experiment and try out new ideas.  Recently at Northern Beaches playsession, the children engaged in scientific experimentation of motion through play.

This may look like some block constructions, however, the children were experimenting with motion as they built ramps and experimented with racing their cars down the incline.  Working out how to make their cars go faster and go further meant that the children explored what would happen if they changed the angle of the ramp by adding in another block or they changed the direction of the car to make sure it had a smooth race track.

Northern Beaches children experimenting with motion through play. 



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