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This week at The Infants' Home: July 2 to July 6, 2018

- July 6, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Johnson House Preschool - hopscotch inside and out

Children have been playing Hopscotch in the indoor and outdoor environments at Johnson House preschool. Hopscotch helps children to manage body rhythm, which is at the core of numerous other skills including building body strength, balance and co-ordination. Hopping on one foot is one of the most complex movements the human body can perform. Hopping also helps to develop cognitive development and helps in building essential neural pathways in the brain. Those same pathways will one day become the conduits for left/right brain thinking tasks such as creativity, reasoning, and self-regulation.



Johnson House Toddlers - nature play with leaves

The children in Johnson House Toddlers have been interested in leaves and often explore them as they are walking in the gardens of the Infants Home. The children had the opportunity to explore different types of leaves, investigating and exploring their colours, size and shape. The children also explored the patterns around the leaves and the thickness of the leaf.

As a follow on the children's interest in different types of leaves, educators provided a leaf sorting game experience for a small group. Children were involved in sorting leaves according to their colours and at the same time they were exploring their textures, smells and sizes. 



Murray House Infants and Toddlers - rainbows and crystals

Murray house children have been fascinated with rainbows after noticing one last week after the rain. Educators have been extending their interest and investigating rainbows with the children. Children engaged in discussions about colours and took the opportunity to look at a variety of images of rainbows through books and pictures. The children were curious about the crystal balls. When children discovered a variety of colours and lights reflected by the balls, they all pointed and shouted “rainbow!” Murray House educators are continuing to provide children with opportunities to engage in in-depth learning about the world around them.



Family Day Care - sustainable lessons in numeracy

 At Little Wombat Early Learning & Care Family Day Care service, Aki (the educator) saw a different use for an empty baby formula tin.  Cutting some holes in the lid, and getting together a collection of coloured paddle pop sticks, provided a great tool for some fine motor development fun.  The children enjoyed posting the paddle pop sticks into the holes of the lid and then hearing the stick bang as it dropped into the tin.  This also provided a great opportunity to explore colour and counting as they labelled and counted the sticks that were posted.  When all the sticks were gone, the children thought it was fun to pull the lid off, rattle the tin and tip the sticks out and start again!

This simple activity encouraged the children to develop a range of skills and process such as problem-solving as they manipulated objects and experimented with cause and effect and trial and error.

Rigby House- colours of the Aboriginal flag.

Leading up to Naidoc Week, the Rigby children have been investigating the colours of the Aboriginal flag. The educators have used the children’s interest in mark making, to develop the children’s awareness of the flag’s colours by providing red, yellow and black sand. The children have been enjoying this sensory experience and creating marks in the sand.  As the children play the educators talk about the meaning of each colour- red for the earth, black for the people and yellow for the sun. 

The children have also enjoyed decorating their own cardboard boomerang. Now they are having fun playing with them and we talk about how far their boomerangs have flown.




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