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This week at The Infants' Home: February 26 to March 2, 2018

- March 2, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Family Day Care

Educators and children in care across all four of our hubs celebrated Chinese New Year this month. Lulu & Gladys came together with their small groups of children to acknowledge Chinese New Year. The children decorated their own kites and later discussed photos of traditional dancing Chinese Dragons. 



Gorton House

In Gorton House Toddlers, some of the children have been learning all about the animals after Thuzar introduced the Kiwi following a recent visit to New Zealand. This led to a deeper interest in ‘scary’ animals - children learned about their different body parts, how they hunted their prey and specific attributes of some of the ‘scary’ animals. Uncle Terry (an aboriginal elder) introduced an aboriginal perspective to the children by drawing their attention to specific characteristics of different Australian animals, and how aboriginal people mimic and move like these specific animals. The children were captivated by this experience and began copying Uncle Terry as he modelled the various movements and mannerisms of the animals.

Educators took this opportunity to extend the children’s learning through matching games, counting, tracing and threading.  There was a shift to animal ‘poo’ from this, as Widad read the children a story called 'Zoo poo’ (which the children love). Educators now aim to introduce the concept of composting, as poo is a rich source of compost.


Johnson House Preschool

Johnson House have recently added a lightbox to the program of activities. The children have been curiously investigating the light box, using provisions such as coloured cups to stack, build, balance and problem solve. Coloured water timers have been incorporated together with transparent shapes, allowing the children the opportunity to create pictures and patterns. This open-ended space helps children of all ages and abilities to join in the play and develop a range of skills.


Call out for paper: With our abundance of avid artists in Johnson House, we are always on the look out for paper which we can recycle and re use in our drawing space. Please keep us in mind when you are on your way to your recycling bin at your home or office - Amy Jones, Acting Director of Johnson House


Johnson House Toddlers

Children at Johnson House Toddlers have been eagerly exploring the gardens outside of Johnson House Toddlers and walking with strollers around the paths. The children were interested in observing the flowers and plants in the garden and interacting with some children from Robinson House.


Murray House

At Murray House Infants, the children have been exploring colours in a variety of ways - painting, water painting, parachute play and mark making on paper. The children particularly enjoyed the painting experience which developed into messy sensory play as they used their fingers to paint. The children observed how the colours changed as they mixed, and developed motor, language and social skills through the play.



Rigby House

On Monday, Rigby House had a donation of plants from a family who got to know them through last year's crowdfunding campaign for Rigby House renovations. The family brought all the plants but declined to be photographed with the plants, citing that they were not ‘pretty enough'! As the family is moving house, they wanted to donate all the plants you see in the photo and the lovely egg chair to Rigby House. Staff at Rigby House were very touched by this gesture and know that the children will enjoy relaxing in the egg chair and looking at the lovely plants.


Join us next week for more news from The Infants' Home.

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