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This week at The Infants' Home: August 6 to August 10, 2018

- August 10, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Murray House 

The children from Murray House Toddlers’ room were recently involved in a transformational experience of applying themselves freely, confidently and reflectively to classical etudes and waltzes from Tchaikovsky’s and Chopin. This led to a strong association and identification with moving and dancing as ballerinas. Classical music is applicable for all ages, and the various elements of the music highly provoked the children’s inner-being and emotions. Importantly, the children’s communal ballet dances were celebrated with respective bows and cheer.


Johnson House Preschool 

As part of our integrated group, the children have been supported by occupational therapists and educators to focus on elements of mindfulness. Part of this group has been learning about what mindfulness is and ways of being mindful including recognising our feelings as well as engaging in yoga and meditation. To extend on this we have also been using this time to develop ideas to create our own garden. Gardening is often seen as a great tool to help enhance mindfulness. As part of this group, each week we will be planning ideas to develop our garden. Last week, we went for a walk around the Infants’ home grounds and this week we ventured further to nearby Bunnings where we worked together to develop a list of ideas. We explored the array of plants, smelt some of the herbs and expressed our opinions on what we both were keen and also not so keen to have in our communal garden at Johnson House.


Rigby House 

The Rigby children’s relationships with each other are growing stronger and it is lovely to see their friendships developing, into genuine care and concern for each other. As the children arrive in the mornings they display their delight in seeing their friends by how they greet each other. The children’s growing ability to empathise with their friends, and understand that they may need help are evident in the care and concern they show for each other. You can see in the pictures below friends greeting each other and going for a walk around the playground, helping a friend put their shoe back on and two boys extending their growing ability from caring for each other to taking care of the 'baby' together. 


Practice Evacuation Drill 

This week The Infants Home participated in a practice evacuation drill. All of the children were informed of the happenings and consequently became curious and excited about what was expected to happen. As we waited for the phone call to inform us when to leave, the children were gathered and it was explained that when it was time to leave, they have to stay together with the educators and must either hold onto the safety rope or hold onto an educator's hand.
When it was time to leave, the children and the educators followed the growing crowd to Richmond Avenue which was the designated meeting place. The children were calm and excited to be out of the center and seeing the other children. While we waited for confirmation to go, we took the roll call of all the children and educators. Some of the children were excited to see their siblings from the other centres and waved and called to them. Finally it was time to return back to the centers, the children listened to the educators to stay together. We did a final roll call upon our return and everyone was accounted for. We all cheered and gave encouraging feedback on how they listened to the educators and stayed together for their safety.
The practice drills, which are implemented on a regular basis, are essential in preparing the children should an actual emergency occur. This is to ensure the children remain calm and know what to expect when an emergency happens.



Family Day Care Sydney Wide 

Recently Randwick/South Sydney Family Day Care hosted a playsession in the park. The children collected all sorts of natural materials and then arranged them to form artwork in picture frames made from sticks. The group had lots of fun digging in compost and collecting compost in their buckets to bring back to spread on the garden at the Randwick hub. 



Children at playgroup have shown an interest in Dinosaurs. We used this interest to explore different ways to play such as sand, playdough and painting to connect their interest.




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