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This week at The Infants' Home: August 27 to August 31, 2018

- August 31, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Johnson House Preschool

Book Week was enjoyed by everyone last week in Johnson House. The children were invited to bring in their favourite book from home and share this with their peers. The children also had the opportunity to visit the main lawn and participate in some of the story book reading spaces that had been set up there. They were able to explore the joy of books in a number of ways. The collection of books was diverse and fun for children and Educators to read together. The children searched in the ‘find and seek books’, and they also discovered facts about spiders, explored ‘rhyming ninjas’, and read about the ‘lamington man’ and Louie getting eaten, about being small, about frogs in toilets and about monsters–just to name a few! The children also explored the concept of what an author and an illustrator does, as well as other literacy concepts such as the rhyming words they noticed in many of the books.

The children always show such love for books, and being able to share stories with their peers was meaningful for them and helped great conversations to occur.



Johnson House Toddlers

Celebrating our enjoyment and delight in books

The children have demonstrated their delight and enjoyment of sharing their own stories with their peers. The children have been very enthusiastic to show their peers the illustrations on each page and discuss the story. The children have also engaged in reading several picture books on the lawn to celebrate Book Week. The children have shared familiar story books and discovered new ones as they moved to the book areas. As the children participate in these literacy experiences, they are facilitating their language development. The children are exposed to new sounds and vocabulary as they hear the text. The children are also able to make predictions on what is going to happen next. They are also continuing to build on their social connections as they engage in small group story experiences together.



Murray House

For Book Week last week the toddlers at Murray House had regular excursions out of the centre and into The Infants’ Home’s beautiful grounds to sit at the different story reading spaces to become involved in shared book reading experiences with different educators. The children read stories such as ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, 'Handa’s Surprise', 'Hickory Dickory Dash'.

The children in Murray Infants have been exploring a picture book 'It’s not just a box' by Antoinette Portis, leading up to our 'box city' project for The Infants’ Home’s upcoming art festival.

The story depicts a little bunny who loves to explore the many uses of a box in its imaginative play. The box can transform into a rocket ship, a hot air balloon, a pirate ship, etc.

The bunny’s ideas were quickly accepted and copied by the children as they jumped into the boxes, and used crayon to decorate the surface, turning them into a car, a bus, or simply a fun box decorated with scribbles!

The intention behind providing loose parts such as a variety size of boxes for children to explore is to allow children to use their creative minds to find ways to incorporate loose parts as props into their play.

Children in this age group are also using schematic play to explore different ideas or concepts, and to engage in a deep level learning.



Rigby House

Rigby Toddlers are very interested in their names at the moment. Through this interest they have become aware that writing has meaning and that words can be written to signify their name. They enjoy using a fine tip marker to carefully ‘write’ their names, just like they see their educators do.


Robinson House

The children in Robinson House have been participating in many learning experiences around gardening such as learning about the process of germination and what plants need to grow, planting, watering the garden, labelling plants, making signs to remind everyone to look after the plants, and harvesting and eating our own produce.

These experiences encourage sustainability practices. They teach where food comes from, encourage an appreciation and respect for the natural environment, and promote life-long healthy food choices for the children.

The children have also been encouraged to extend their drawing skills by drawing pictures of the plants we’ve grown. The educators have been encouraging the children to study the plants directly using their senses–feeling, touching and smelling them, and then studying the plants carefully by looking at photographs. Through these intentional group projects the children are learning to show pride in their natural learning environment by taking care of our plants as responsible members of our Robinson House community.



Family Day Care

At Precious Possum’s Family Day Care the children were interested in frogs and bugs. To extend the children’s interest, Educator Ebony took the children out for a nature walk, and the children collected pine cones, small logs and sticks.

With this range of collected items the children were able to create a little ‘mini world’ for their frogs and bugs. What a wonderful way to explore the natural world and connect children to nature and their community.



Children at playgroup this week have been able to express themselves by exploring different ways of painting. They were able to explore colour using paint brushes on easels and on the on the ground. Finger painting also created lots of fun. They were able to mix colours and feel the cool paint. Art experiences are wonderful for the development of muscles in their growing fingers and arms.




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