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This week at The Infants' Home: August 20 to August 24, 2018

- August 24, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Robinson House

The children at Robinson House preschool have been working on their drawing skills for our upcoming tea towel fundraiser. They have been experimenting with a range of new mediums, such as oil pastels, different textas, coloured pencils and crayons, as well as using black paint to do hand prints. The children have been eager to share stories about their loved ones with their peers as they explore and experiment with these mediums. Educators have been talking with the children about the importance of the drawing process and continuous exploration and creative expression.

The children have been sharing ways to identify detail in their drawings as they draw pictures of themselves, and identifying how to connect, and make strokes, lines and swirling lines as they draw or add marks to their work. They have also been learning the concept of ‘self-portraits’ as they share stories about their families, friends and the people who they identify as being special to them such as their grandparents and cousins. Some of these drawings also will be used for our fundraiser where the pictures will be printed on a tea towel. The tea towels will be sold at our Arts Festival later this year.


Murray House

The children’s love and appreciation for the natural landscape are reflected in their ongoing requests to attend incursions to various sites around the organisation. In particular, they have grown a fond attachment with the large tree. Last week the children approached and hugged the tree and even made associations with it, such as commenting that they would love to grow as the tree continues to. The children creatively transferred their imaginary play ideas as they climbed between the wooden limbs of the tree. This included transforming it into a fruit shop and engaging in pretend cashier and customer conversations and transactions.


Johnson House Preschool

Spring has sprung early in Johnson House, with the children actively involved in a range of gardening experiences. We harvested our sweet potato crop which we planted last year and we were very pleased with the outcome. We are now investigating planting a range of seeds, including vegetables and herbs, as well as some flowers which will be ready for spring. The children have been caring for and watering the seeds regularly, as they are eager to see them grow. Gardening helps to give the children a sense of responsibility and encourages them to further develop their love and appreciation of the natural environment.


Johnson House Toddlers

What Sounds Can We Make?

Last week the children explored creating their own sounds with the tapping sticks. The children explored making loud and soft sounds in the environment. They discovered that they could make a vibrating sound as they tapped loudly on the gate. The children created a soft sound as they tapped the wood. The children were also learning about echoing sounds as they tapped the shed door. The children are familiar with playing the sticks. This experience extended their interest in and existing knowledge of loud and soft sounds. They also shared a story about the sounds dinosaurs make as we read the storybook ‘Millie's Special Something’.


Family Day Care

At Northern Beaches FDC playsession, we found a real treasure at a second hand shop–a beautiful typewriter.

The typewriter was introduced to the children and we talked about what a typewriter is–the children call it an ‘old computer’.

We then talked about how you use it, and we quickly found out that it doesn’t work when all the keys are pushed at once. However, the best part of the typewriter is the ding at the end of the row!!

This has been a great addition to our program as the children have been able to engage with a range of texts and gain meaning from these texts as they discuss the letters on the typewriter.  The children have been including their family members in their explorations and investigations as they look for their loved ones in their play– “M is for mummy, D is for daddy, T is for Thomas”… “In my family we all have ‘a’ in our name”.



Playgroup is all about having fun. The children have recently shown an interest in unicorns, so we had a ‘Magical Unicorn’ week. The children enjoyed finding the unicorns in the sand, dancing with unicorns, creating unicorn homes using playdough, and our craft table saw little hands creating amazing artworks! To conclude the week the children enjoyed decorating biscuits with a unicorn theme.




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