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This week at The Infants' Home: August 13 to August 17, 2018

- August 17, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Johnson House Preschool

Imaginative play has been of interest to the children in Johnson House, particularly in reference to cooking. To further this learning, the playdough area was extended and images of different food were provided. This helped to foster great conversations about food preferences and also provided a link to our family and food traditions. As the interest continued to grow the children were then given the opportunity to cook their very own ‘real life’ pizza! They brainstormed ideas about what ingredients to add, the quantities required, and how long it would take to make. Cooking with the children allowed them to gain practical experience, and also helped them to develop skills in following instructions, understanding aspects of measurement as well as working in collaboration with each other.



Murray House

This year at our annual Art Show Murray House will be providing different sized boxes for families to participate in creating their own ‘box city’ on the day. To get the children familiar with this activity we have been talking with them about what they might see or have already seen in the city.  

To stimulate the children’s learning, and to further our discussion about what we see in the city, Educators provided the children with many photos of the city, and we began by talking about the photos displayed, including what the children remembered of their own experiences of the city. The children observed the photos, noticing the buildings, water, boats, lights, Harbour Bridge, people, cars and buses etc. Educators encouraged the children to create their own city using blocks and other materials. The children created roads, towers and water etc, and they also pretended to be tall towers that were smashing down into the water. 

Throughout this experience the children were exposed to many new learnings, such as what makes a city and what a city’s purpose is.



Robinson House

The children in Robinson House have been corresponding with their peers who are travelling. They are plotting on a map the places their friends are visiting and the travellers are sharing photos of the places they are seeing.

One place in particular has caught our attention–the Eiffel Tower! We have been exploring mathematical concepts as we discover how tall the Eiffel Tower is. This week we attempted to build our own tower out of cardboard boxes, although upon completion one of the children thought it looked a little more like a rocket ship than the Eiffel Tower. This lead to us to brain storming suggestions for a story we are writing: What if the Eiffel Tower Were Really A Secret Rocket Ship?

We will be continuing to explore the Eiffel Tower and corresponding with our travelling friends and expressing our creativity through this journey.



The children at playgroup have shown an interest in cooking. The kitchen area was set and the children were able to role play. They had fun making sushi for mum and cooking a BBQ.


Family Day Care

Prehistoric play at Kristy's Family Day Care, Carlton.

Kristy's Family Day Care in Carlton set up a beautiful learning experience for the children to explore dinosaurs.

This was a great opportunity to sort and classify the dinosaurs into different types–meat eaters, herbivores and omnivores.

The children also explored the different sizes of the dinosaurs and talked about how big and how small they were, and grouped them according to size.

Kristy also had lots of different items in her learning area, which created a wonderful opportunity for sensory exploration as the children were able to feel a range of different textures as they engaged in play.




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