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This week at The Infants' Home: 8th to 12th January 2018

- January 12, 2018

Welcome to our weekly news round up of happenings at The Infants' Home.

Family Day Care

At Randwick Family Day Care playgroup, as part of a  plan to help children gain an understanding of different animal habitats, a small frog pond was recently installed on the back lawn. After researching the types of plants that were required and installing them, educators and children were rewarded with a film of frog spawn on day 3! This new resource helps children to learn about how we are interconnected with the natural environment.


Johnson House Toddlers

Children have been very enthusiastic about and engaged in singing at Johnson Toddlers, using felt Monkeys and a crocodile puppet to sing the song 'Five Cheeky Monkeys'.  As the children became very familiar with the actions and words of the song they became interested in participating with one another in the experience. The children laughed as they tried to hide the monkey from the crocodile.



Gorton House

Edu-caring - a term coined by Dr Emmi Pikler, describes a relationship-based, individualised approach to care for under 2's, describing what educators are doing, and how they are teaching through their care, routines and play. This week, Sophia from the Infants program shares her reflections on this approach.

"Today, three new friends and families started with us, joining a group of 'oldies'!  As another educator and I sat and talked with this small group, it was clear to me how different our approaches, focus and intentions were for each of these children. For some, our physical presence, calm words and desire to engage and remain connected with them provided security, comfort and safety as they adjusted to 'being' and 'belonging' in our room. For one child it was party time with the train set, and a time to chat as he observed what educators were doing, finding different things to do with the tracks and trains. We remained available to him as he found joy in exploring and investigating independently, occasionally glancing up to make sure he could still see one of us. Another child has recently returned from holidays, and it was important to him to reconnect verbally and non-verbally, as he worked his way back into our routine and space. Another child wished to be close physically and verbally, and enjoyed lots of chats about the bead mazes, her new friends, and felt secure, understood and connected.

At The Infants' Home we value each child as an individual and always try and ensure we respect their rights as an individual and continually promote their sense of agency and welcome them to celebrate each new day together."


"Being together with the child during the care situation is full of happenings - when all needs are met with attention and respect, when the baby is not just regarded as an object that has to be cleaned and fed, but as a living human being who has an influence on what is happening, who takes part in building up a relationship as one of the partners." - Dr Judit Falk, in a statement responding to the Pikler approach


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