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This week at The Infants' Home: 1st to 5th January 2018

- January 8, 2018

Welcome to our weekly news round up of happenings at The Infants' Home.

Happy New Year, and welcome, to all of our staff and families who have returned after a break, and to new families who have just begun their journey at The Infants' Home.

Murray House

In the past few weeks, educators at Murray House have been focusing on building close connections and relationships with children starting their new care environment. Applying the principles of Circle of Security, educators strive to settle the children by responding to each child's emotional needs to provide comfort during the transition. Primary focus educator groups are used to ensure that each child and family is supported by having a designated educator to communicate concerns and relay feedback during drop off and pick up.



Gorton House

As part of promoting healthy eating for children, Gorton House have a 'Super Broccoli' soft toy who goes home with children for an adventure once per week or so. This week Super Broccoli returned after having lots of adventures with one preschooler, who had spent a lot of time with Super Broccoli. Super Broccoli had enjoyed drawing and learning about about Bread Hero, a Japanese character formally known in Japanese cartoons as 'Anpanman' that teaches children about healthy eating, just as Super Broccoli often does. Our preschooler was eager to show her friends and teachers the pictures she had drawn, and just as eagerly launched Super Broccoli off to the next host. Having Super Broccoli has really helped to generate a lot of discussion and interest in healthy eating with the children at Gorton preschool.



Rigby House

Although there are no children or educators in Rigby House this month, plenty of things are happening with the renovation! This week the old ceilings were removed and replaced. It looks very bare at the moment, but we know it will look wonderful when it is finished in just a few short weeks.



Family Day Care

Summer time in the garden on the Northern Beaches brought some interesting discoveries after children found a cicada 'shell' (exoskeleton). The educator used the opportunity to explore the nature cycle and talk about life in the garden, and how insects grow and change. Connecting children with the natural world is a crucial part of their learning as they explore relationships with other living and non-living things and observe, notice and respond to changes. 


Join us next week for more weekly news from The Infants' Home. 

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