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Our New Kitchen Service is in Full Swing!

- March 8, 2018

We are proud to say that our new kitchen facility is operating in full swing, in partnership with long-time supporters Wests Ashfield Leagues Club. Wests Kids now provide fresh food service across our 5 ECEC services at The Infants' Home.

Children of all age groups (toddlers on the left, and pre-schoolers on the right) enjoy West Kids fresh food.

Operating as part of Wests Ashfield Leagues Club community program, Wests Kids chefs work onsite at The Infants' Home to provide delicious, nutritious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for up to 300 children daily. The children are loving all the new varieties and flavours each day, and educators have pointed out that you can really see the quality in all the fresh and healthy ingredients.

Importantly, the chefs are able to cater to children with food allergies and those with special nutritional needs to ensure that children in all our centres, in all age groups can enjoy their catering. Feedback from our 5 early childhood education and care centres is all positive. The children love the smell and taste of their fresh meals, and the staff also love sampling the new menu. 

ChefasCharoen and Lisa, helped by Michael, prepare singapore noodles for lunch.

To keep the meals exciting, Wests worked closely with The Infants' Home, and developed an 8-week rotating menu. Lunch choices include honey soy chicken, lamb ragu, vegetarian pizza, beef and vegetables and singapore noodles with pork with banana bread, blueberry muffins and healthy cookies with fruit or vegetable sticks for morning or afternoon tea. You can read more about our partnership with Wests Ashfield Leagues Club in their members magazine here.

Chefs Charoen and Lisa prepare honey soy chicken and vegetabes and low sugar muffins.

Why did The Infants' Home need a new kitchen?

The Infants' Home's original kitchen, located in an existing heritage building, was designed to cater to a maximum of 150 children. Since our new buiding was opened in 2013, our services grew to provide early childhood education and care for up to 283 children a day, and food service had to be sourced externally, then heated up onsite and served. When our new building was constructed, a shell was created next to reception, to fit a huge future kitchen. It took 3 years to raise funds and complete the fit out a new commercial-quality kitchen facility. 

As stated by The Infants' Home CEO Elizabeth Robinson in the Wests article, "As the kitchen facilities were being developed, we went searching for a partner who could assist us in catering for the children. We were absolutely delighted when our long term-friend and partner Wests Ashfield, offered their expertiese in a food service partnership as part of their community program."..."The children are loving the taste and smells of the fresh, delicious meals being prepared onsite by Wests' chefs."

The kitchen facility was completed in March 2017, and was followed by months of preparation before Wests Kids began food service trials in December 2017. Trials helped to ensure smooth service delivery and children's enjoyment of a new menu, before full food service began accross our 5 Early Childhood Education and Care Centres in January 2018.

In addition to thanking our ongoing food service partner Wests Ashfield Leagues Club, we would like to thank all the major funders, donors and supporters who helped make the kitchen fit out a reality.

The beautiful new kitchen, just after the fit out was completed in March 2017.

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