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Welcome to Rebecca Pickard, Director of Robinson House

- March 28, 2018

Rebecca Pickard joined us as Director of Robinson House on 12 March. We interviewed her to find out about her journey to The Infants' Home, and her plans for 2018.

Welcome to The Infants' Home! Can you tell us a bit about yourself - where have you come from?

I grew up in Western Sydney (Blacktown) and have been involved in childcare since primary school when my mum started working in a local childcare centre. I spend a lot of time there during school holidays and after school, and even did my year 10 work experience there. So it wasn't difficult to decide what I wanted to do when I finished high school. I went straight to university to study early childhood education!

I have worked in a few long day care centres since then and so have had a range of experience working within different communities, including culturally and linguistically diverse areas, and with children who have disabilities in mainstream programs. Eventually, I found my way to the Director's chair.

What are you passionate about?

I love to see people learning, it is contagious and often creates a lot of joy. Being part of a young persons learning journey is such a privilege, that I am sometimes in awe of the wonders of this world when seen for the first time through a child's eyes.

I also love spending time outdoors and learning about the natural world, and I really value the trends of the last few years leaning towards teaching children how to be responsible citizens with a sustainable future in mind.

What drew you to The Infants’ Home?

I believe that the work that the infants home does is such a crucial element that is needed in our society. The history, the innovative practice, and the drive to help as many children and families as possible is absolutely inspiring. I feel like I can really contribute to the lives of others in a very tangible and positive way!

I can also feel the collegial support of this environment and think that it is going to be a wonderful place to grow myself as well. 

What are your goals for this year at Robinson House?

I hope to be able to support my team to continue their journey to incorporate some of the innovative and responsive care routines that are aimed at providing children with a strong sense of security, and opportunities to engage in their own learning. I'd also like to develop our learning environments to reflect our deeply held values about supporting children's learning in an authentic emergent curriculum, promoting children's agency and respect for each other and their environment.

I aim to build on the strong relationships that our families have with all of the Educators to provide the best possible outcomes for children.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I am a fairly creative person, I love coming up with an idea and being able to bring it into being! I have a garage full of all sorts of craft supplies, ranging from knitting, sewing, painting, mosaics, renovating furniture, I even have a wood lathe! So hopefully I will find some time here and there to share my love of 'Making' with the children and my new colleagues!


Rebecca Pickard (right), with some of her happy preschoolers. 

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