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This week at The Infants' Home: 27th November to 1st December

- December 6, 2017

Welcome to our weekly round up of news at The Infants' Home

Johnson House Preschool

Learning environments at Johnson House Preschool are designed with several factors in mind. Educators consider their observations of children and the ways in which they engage with each other and their spaces to make informed decisions when changing and modifying spaces, like the sand pit for example, often considered a staple in many early childhood services. In Johnson House Preschool educators have been re-imagining the way we can make changes to the sand pit as well as the greater outdoor environment; to better enhance children’s engagement with it, and build on the understanding and goals of the children as being capable and active participants in their learning.

The sand pit is a busy hub. The resources provided to children are intentionally left open to provide more scope in the way they can be used. Sustainably sourced materials are also provided, often sourced from our families as well as op shops. Vessels for digging, scooping and carrying water are all great tools for children to expand their imaginations and build on their problem solving and active learning. The sand pit interest has shifted from cooking and creating in a domestic capacity to a waterways system, where the children used a sheet of plastic to form a river and catchment system. While the tools remained the same, the children were able to adapt their use to meet the needs and directions of their play and investigations. 


Johnson House Preschool children enjoy many different avenues of play in the sand pit.


Rigby House

The Rigby children were delighted to meet our Royal Australian Navy friends and very interested in what they were doing, they even enjoyed having a photo taken together. 


Small change can make a big difference! The Royal Australian Navy collected donations at each of their staff morning tea and other social events and then kindly donated $500 to Rigby House's crowdfunding campaign!



The Navy were also kind enough to help pack up Rigby House in preparation for renovations.

We encourage all families to support our Rigby House crowdfunding campaign here.


Robinson House

Yoga is a holistic, all-inclusive approach to destress, and at Robinson House educators have been using this to offset stressors by providing a moment of pause amidst all the activity. The word yoga originates from the Sanskrit meaning “to yoke,” to bring together in the mind, body, and spirit.

Using breathing integrated with physical postures and relaxation methods, yoga creates experiences to develop a healthy and balanced life. This safe and nurturing environment can also foster physical, intellectual, and spiritual development.



Family Day Care

At the Randwick/South Sydney hub of Family Day Care they have been preparing to celebrate Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, which runs for 8 days from 12th to 20th December. This week the children were making and decorating lights to make a Menorah. Children have also been harvesting some of the vegetables and fruit they have been growing in raised garden beds.




It was Christmas fun all around at playgroups this week, with various festive activities including christmas-themed craft, playdough and sand play. Many children graduated from playgroup this week, they are now ready to transition to primary school! 



Join us next week for more weekly news from The Infants' Home. 

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