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The Infants' Home is on Wangal land

- March 22, 2017

Gorton preschoolers have been learning about the traditional owners of the land on which The Infants' Home sits, the Wangal people.

For many months, the children in Gorton pre-school have been discussing Aboriginal Australians as the traditional owners of this land, and the many countries that Australia is made up of. We have engaged in discussions of the many people who have come to also call Australia home over many, many years. We have learnt that Gorton House and The Infants' Home sit on Wangal land, and several weeks ago some of the children helped to write a song that acknowledges Wangal land.

To view a video of the children singing this song, see our facebook page here.

This song has become a favourite. The children eagerly sing this song every day- many seeking to sing it frequently with their friends and even – as we have heard from families, singing it at home so much so that now some families know it off by heart. Discussions between one child and her family led to them writing and singing a song that acknowledges Gadigal land in the city in which this parent works. Every day we sense the enthusiasm and respect with which our song is sung and we hope to continue to learn more about the stories, traditions and history of Wangal land.


Our Song

We live on Wangal land

We play on Wangal land

Every day we come together and learn on Wangal land.

Thank you Wangal land, thank you Wangal land

Thank you Wangal people for sharing your land.


- Nicky Roditis, Early Childhood Teacher at Gorton House


For more information about the development of our Reconciliation Action Plan, see here.




Children taking part in Reconciliation Action Week 2016

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