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The Infants' Home Annual General Meeting 2017

- May 26, 2017

The Infants' Home's 142nd Annual General Meeting was held on 24th May, 2017

Staff, supporters and friends gather to mark the passing of another year in the long and proud history of The Infants' Home.


We would like to thank everyone that attended our 142nd AGM held on Wednesday May 24.

Our AGM is a great opportunity to welcome members and guests, to reflect on achievements of the past year, note Board appointments, present our accounts, celebrate staff awards and hear from guest speakers on pertinent sector topics.

Formal proceedings included the presentation and adoption of the 2016 Annual Report and Audited Financial Report, and the elections of the Governing Body, and Honorary Appointments.

The Infants’ Home would like to acknowledge the wonderful contribution of long-standing outgoing President Denise Taylor, and thank her for the dedication and passion she demonstrated in this role.

Mary Verschuer presents Denise Taylor with a token of thanks for her 6 years of service as President of The Infants' Home


We warmly welcome our new President, Mary Vershuer, who has also been involved with and on the Board of The Infants’ Home for many years. We look greatly forward to working with Mary in her Presidency and wish her every success.

Mary Verschuer, new president of The Infants' Home


Special thanks to our guest speaker, Lisa Kervin, Associate Professor in Language and   literacy at the University of Wollongong, where she is also an active member of the Early Start Research Institute.

Lisa gave a fascinating account of her research findings in the area of digital technology in early childhood, looking at challenges and opportunities for educators in the early childhood environment and for parents and carers at home, and in the community.

It was incredible to hear about 3 year old children participating in her research, who have a virtual network of friends across the globe, united by their love of toy trains! Lisa explained that ‘not all screen time is equal’ and that quality apps that meet certain criteria can actually help to improve children’s literacy. The social situation and context of digital play is also important. She concluded by stating that, when making decisions about children’s digital play, it is useful to ask yourself: What opportunities does this digital experience provide for this child in this context at this time?


Lisa Kervin


Staff and visitors alike found Lisa's presentation very enlightening. A full transcript can be viewed here. Lisa also contributed to the following article on the topic of screen time and how it can interfere in development of literacy skills in children: 

Lisa’s speech was followed in traditional style by our annual staff awards presentation to celebrate excellence, achievements and years of service.



Staff awards


Cathy Fauth, Vinsensia Christanto and Ana-Luisa Franco receive 5 year service awards


Vinsensia, Cathy and Ana


Samantha Fields receives her Rookie award


Yoshi Sasage receives her award for excellence and dependability


Melissa Van Grimbergen receives her leadership award


Lina Marrone, Joan Wilson, and Thanh Mai - all part of Team of the Year - Finance & HR


The event ended with a delicious afternoon tea where we enjoyed mingling and chatting.

Professor Jenny Harasty and Associate Professor Lisa Kervin

Tonia Godhard, Gabrielle Sinclair and Sandra Cheeseman

L-R: Simone Hayes, Sally Brown, Justine Tarrant, Louise Doolin and Melissa Van Grimbergen


Lucille Mckenna and Catherine Hunter

Meryl Burn, Lesley McCarthy and Mariam Christodoulos

Mike Bailey, Gavin Thomson and Dennis Burgess

Catherine Jackson, Cath Mitchell and Barbara Millist

Gabriel Lara and Ondria Portelli

Denise Taylor and Stephen Taylor


James Kirby and Carolyn Swindell



For more photographs see our facebook album here.

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