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Superheroes at Gorton House Preschool

- September 25, 2017

Gorton preschoolers explore different super powers, making masks to dress up as their favourite superhero.

Imaginative play at Gorton Preschool often stems from an exploration of different superheroes and their various super powers. One morning, a child arrived wearing a Spiderman t-shirt, which immediately drew the interest of several other children who arrived to show the teacher their superhero clothing.

One child had unicorn tights, and shared with her friends "it's a happy unicorn, unicorns make people happy". This child then asked the teacher if she could make a special unicorn mask, explaining that "the unicorn doesn't have webs like spiderman, but he can make people happy. That's why he's a happy unicorn." Another child commented that Spiderman has special powers, but that unicorns don't have special powers. The child with the unicorn tights countered with a discussion with the theme that special powers can be whatever you want a special power to be, and that her unicorn has a special power to make people happy. 

Other children watched this discussion take place and began to choose items and carefully carry out their plan for their mask. One child made a crown for the teacher, cutting out panels and taping them together. He took great care in choosing sparkly gems to glue onto the crown, and once finished, was proud to give the crown to the teacher who he then asked to play 'castles' with. 




The child with the unicorn tights asked for glitter to give her mask special unicorn powers. Another child asked if he could make a mask with special powers, making him stronger than all the superheroes, enabling him to help pick up people when they are hurt. Before long, the craft table was full of children making masks. 




 "My special mask will make people smile, it's so sparkly"

"The more feathers I put on my mask the faster I will fly" 

One child just wanted to make a mask to make her invisible so she could trick her friend into to thinking she wasn't at school that day.

After making their masks, the children couldn't wait for them to dry. Once they were dry several children wore their masks most of the day and were all too happy to tell their friends about their super powers!

Each child was drawn to a particular power, strength or attribute they felt a superhero would represent. Gorton preschool educators were delighted to observe the children using positive themes of superheroes, like helping people by making them happy.

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