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Murray House Toddlers Create a Puppet Theatre

- December 1, 2017

Children have enjoyed developing their creativity and communication skills through role play and performance.



The toddlers at Murray House have taken a great interest in role playing and dramatisation with hand puppets. The children were determined to have their very own puppet theatre, so educators worked with them to create a dedicated space for their imagination and creativity. The puppet theatre has been a great success; children have played a variety of animal characters, expressed a range of loud and soft sounds, and practiced thoughtful dialogue. Children seem equally enthusiastic about watching a show as creating and performing one. 

The puppet theatre has become a useful tool to develop comunication skills.Because this experience requires and promotes a combination of different communication skills in the room, children have the opportunity to practice and further their speaking and listening skills, as well as helping children develop confidence in expressing their ideas and feelings in a safe manner.  The 'puppet show' went on for days as the toddlers returned with new ideas, mastering their feelings and control over their world. Educators found it rewarding to see the toddlers at Murray House experience imaginative play and come to understand the differences between fantasy and reality.

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