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Murray House Children Enjoy Glorious Mud!

- September 14, 2017

Children at Murray House have been jumping in, ‘cooking with’ and generally enjoying the fun of messy play in their new mud patch.


About Messy Play

Messy play is an important part of early education that offers many opportunities for healthy learning and development.  

Research supports the many benefits of playing with dirt and mud: organic soil in mud contains good bacteria which stimulates the immune system, prevents allergies and helps increase serotonin levels in our brains – helping us feel joyful. Messy play also fosters children’s curiosity, imagination, and experimentation.

The open-ended possibilities of engaging in mud play helps children build social, mathematical, science and motor skills, and children can use this medium to creat art and so much more. Importantly, it's great fun! 

Other benefits of messy play for children include opportunities to:
 - practice concentration
 - nutrue early forms of writing
 - strenghthen body control
 - creates understanding of senses
 - investigage, explore, design and create leading to a better understanding of the world around them


Murray House Children Love Mud! Glorious Mud!

Children were full of giggles and laughter as they mixed water and soil to the consistency they liked to make their own mud,and then splashed in it until it was on their hands, feet, clothes and face!

“Uhhm…I’m making yummy icecream and chocolate balls!”
“This is my dinner. Two mud-pies please!”
"It feels squishy, it feels squashy!"

Children and educators exhanged ideas about what activities to try next, and children negotiated taking turns to hold the water hose. Children were also encouraged to respect each other’s space; those who showed curiosity but were hesitant to get dirty, preferred to watch from the edge of the mud patch.

Murray House also thanks recent corporate volunteers who helped complete their ‘Mud Patch Project’. 


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