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Lilian's Pet Chicken

- September 29, 2017

Murray House toddlers were thrilled when Lilian brought her pet chicken in for a visit recently.

The children were so happy to see the chicken, and took turns to gently pat her. The chicken seemed to enjoy the attention and allowed the children to stroke it's body. 

As the chicken roamed the garden and scratched the ground with its feet, a child asked "what's the chicken doing?"
"It's looking for worms!" some exclaimed. 
One child stated, "The hen is clever!" when asked to elaborate, she replied "because (s)he can find worms!"
The children watched as the hen pecked the ground, found and ate a worm. 
A child curiously asked Lilian, "what's it's name?
Lilian explained that the hen is called "snowflake" as "it has white feathers on the tail". 
Another child announced, "(s)he was doing a(n) egg!"

Some children went to get a spade to help find some worms for the hen. They found a worm and fed it to the chicken, who happily pecked at the worms placed in a plastic container. 


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