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The Importance of Maintaining Friendships at The Infants' Home

- July 5, 2016

Building a sense of community is such an important aspect of what we do within all our services, and this has been so evident in Gorton pre-school over the past months.

When things such as the need for on-going medical treatment prevents a child from attending our service and stops that child being with their friends, we recognise the significance of supporting the maintenance of these long established and very important relationships. We also recognise the important role that maintaining this connection plays in a child’s wellbeing.

Since the child is unable to come to us, we made plans to go to them. We had the very first of many planned visits to one of our children's home, who has solidified strong friendships when just a baby and has grown ever so strong over the years. We witnessed firsthand the joy friendship and deep relationships bring to a child. We felt blessed to be with our very dear friend again and we know that the visiting children and families also cherished every moment, as food and play was shared and laughter could be heard every moment of the visit.

We have also seen our families rally around to support this family with well wishes, their own personal visits and strong messages of support.

It really does take a village to raise a child and we are so happy to be part of this village!

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