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Murray House Parent Information Night

- June 22, 2016

On Thursday 16 June, we held our Murray House Parent Information Night at The Infants' Home.

Alicia Grunseit (Dietitian) was our Guest Speaker on the night who gave a presentation about “Healthy Eating for the 0-5s”.

There was a myriad of useful information discussed such as the suggested portion size and what types of food should be in a children's daily diet.

Parents also learned about the dangers of foods containing too much sugar and salt, which is mainly found in store bought food such as those found in the baby aisles in supermarkets.

A lot of questions were asked about ways to support fussy eaters, what is the best way to introduce solids to young children and how to avoid allergies and intolerance towards certain types of food.

Alicia also spoke about “baby led weaning” which helps parents understand the importance of involving the child at an early age to learn how to eat solids.

An acitivity was set up for the parents to partake in which was a role play. Parents had to pretend to be in their child's shoes when it came to eating and had to experience what it feels like when you are being fed too quickly and what it feels like when your mouth is constantly being wiped! It's great to get the child's perspective in this instance so parents can understand why a child may be fussy or struggling to eat properly.  

The information night was a ton of fun and everyone walked away being much more informed when it comes to feeding their children.

Useful information from the night can be found below:

Presentation of "Health Eating for the 0-5's"

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables Factsheet

Managing Fussy Eaters Factsheet

Cooking with Fussy Eaters


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