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Creating Two Frog Ponds at The Infants' Home

- November 14, 2016

When a child and family attending Gorton Pre-school asked us if we could give a home to some little tadpoles as sadly they needed to drain their pond at home due to renovations, we jumped at the chance.

We were so excited and the child who offered them to us, was especially relieved. She loved her tadpoles and frogs and was quite sad they couldn’t be at home with her anymore. This way, she could still watch them grow and we would care for them as best we could. Not only was the joy of watching the metamorphosis from tadpole to frog, an intriguing experience for children, it also gave us a priceless opportunity to further explore the eco-system and the interdependence of living things, including the ways we as humans all impact on the natural world around us.

We had a lot to learn and we researched together, gathering information on healthy environments for tadpoles in order to help them grow and thrive. We waited eagerly for legs to appear and they did. We learnt that the needs of these growing tadpoles would change as they grew to froglets… and then frogs. A tank would no longer provide a healthy space so the children and educators embarked on a search of our grounds for a place to create a frog pond. We were happy to have found two sites, so two ponds were created for the frogs to be loved and enjoyed by everyone within TIH. As we prepared the ponds, the frogs were growing faster and faster, and hungrier and hungrier. Attracting bugs for frogs had become a serious topic of discussion in the room (some even bringing in dead bugs from home). Finally, with the help of many from across TIH (including our amazing corporate volunteers) and the children who helped fill the pond with water, the pond was ready to receive frogs and with excitement, we carried over our first batch – eleven beautiful little creatures. Each child held the container and made a silent wish for the frogs before we watched and waited for every last little frog to jump out and land in the pond with a splash. We still have many more tadpoles and froglets on their own individual journey of metamorphosis.


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