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Wild weather takes its toll on The Infants’ Home

- April 22, 2015

Yesterday one of the beautiful old Peppercorn trees next to our old Gorton House heritage building succumbed to the strong winds and torrential rain that lashed the city yesterday.

The tree, which was heritage listed, has been here since our establishment on this site in 1876. Sadly the old tree was an important part of the natural beauty of our grounds and it will be missed, but fortunately we still have many other trees to enjoy in our green space.

The tree came down very quietly for such a big one, and luckily did not land on any buildings. The fall only caused minor damage to some paving, although it did almost squash one of CEO Anita Kumar’s favourite spots to sit when can take her work outside in nice weather – fortunately yesterday’s weather wasn’t conducive to this kind of activity!

For safety the tree has been cordoned off for now, and will be cut up and removed in the near future.


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