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We’re going on a nature hunt…

- May 4, 2015

The children in Robinson House have daily opportunities to explore nature and to get up close to the many mini-beasts, plants and natural materials in their outdoor spaces. Recently educator Deepa and a group of children from the Green Room decided to go on a nature hunt to learn more about their surrounding environment…

Armed with baskets, the children trekked into Robinson House’s ‘goose paddock’ to find and collect natural treasures to take back to the Green Room. On the way they met some of the many creatures with whom they share their outdoor environments.

Once back in their room, the children created a corner where they could explore and talk about their treasures further. The children have also begun to add some of the natural materials they have collected to other experiences in the program such as playdough and art/craft activities.

Deepa is documenting this learning journey, and the children are creating a book with snapshots of their ‘nature journey’, which they will continue to add to as the project unfolds.



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