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The Infants’ Home partners with Johnson & Johnson Pacific

- March 31, 2015

We are very excited to announce that the Infants’ Home has entered into a two-year partnership with Johnson & Johnson Pacific (JJP) to help increase our capacity to meet the needs of children and families living in vulnerable circumstances or dealing with complex issues.

Last Friday we were delighted to welcome a delegation of international JJP
funded partners who came to The Infants' Home to learn about our service
and our social enterprise model.

Last year, in recognition of our valuable work in our community, The Infants’ Home was invited to apply for funding through JJP’s  Community Giving Program. JJP is committed to working with and in the community for its betterment, and they believe that the best way to deliver impactful services at the local level is to support and work alongside community-based organisations.

With JJP’s generous support over the next two years we estimate that an additional 60 vulnerable or disadvantaged children and their families will be able to access our services annually.

This project is about long-term outcomes for children and families. At The Infants’ Home our programs promote confidence, encourage diversity, promote education, community health and wellbeing and engender the skills to help vulnerable children, parents and carers to become actively engaged community members.

We look forward to partnering with JJP to continue to realise our mission to give ‘each child every opportunity’. 


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