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The Infants’ Home – a very concerned community over the proposed M4 East tunnels exhaust stack in Haberfield

- June 5, 2015

Yesterday the Australian and NSW Governments announced the preferred design for the M4 East tunnels to run under Parramatta Road, which include plans to place an exhaust stack for the tunnels on the corner of Wattle Street and Parramatta Road, opposite Bunnings Warehouse.

Along with our neighbours we are very concerned at this decision to place an exhaust stack, which we understand will emit ventilation from traffic using the future link between the M4 and M5, in a location which is in such close proximity to services for young children.

The Infants’ Home’s early childhood and intervention services are accessed by over 2500 children from birth to school age and their families each year. More than 300 children attend our site each day, with over 30% of our children and families dealing with complex health and family issues.

As well as The Infants’ Home we are concerned that this proposal may impact children in our neighbouring public school at Haberfield and the community that uses the local Hammond Park.

We have made contact with the government to voice our concern and to represent the interests of young children in our community and their families, and a letter has been sent to the Minister’s Office requesting a meeting to discuss this issue. We look forward to meeting and working with the Minister in finding an alternative solution that meets the needs of our community, while addressing transport congestion issues.

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