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Rangoli project in Robinson House

- July 24, 2015

Rangoli is a traditional folk art in India that is traditionally done by women. The children in Robinson House have recently begun to talk about and explore this art form with educator Vasuki.


This project began when children children from Robinson House’s Green Room began making impressions in the sandy ground outside with a stick. Vasuki asked the children what they were doing and they replied “I’m doing a Rangoli... I also can make a flower …”

Rangoli is a traditional folk art in India in which colourful designs are created on the floor, often for festive occasions such as Diwali, to welcome guests for special occasions.

The discussion about Rangoli continues, with many children asking about the designs and images of what other Rangoli may look like. One of the children commented “I’ve got Rangoli stickers at home and my mum does Rangoli at home. I can draw it too”


The children began investigating the values, purposes, and context of Rangoli art. They looked at images of traditional Rangoli art, describing what they could see and identifying formal qualities, such as line, shape, pattern, repetition, and speculating about how the Rangoli images might have been made.

Vasuki created a visual board to record the children’s questions, and this was used to guide the development of a resource about Rangoli art to help the children explore and learn more about this topic.


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