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Murray House Yogis!

- October 9, 2015

Children in Murray House's Toddlers' Program have been practicing yoga to help develop flexibility and balance, and to take time out to relax as part of an active day.


Yoga has become a favourite activity this week in the toddlers’ room, and is a great way for children to slow down and after energetic play time, to rest and recharge.  Educators have been talking with children, helping to develop their understanding self care and how important it is to have a “down time” in the middle of the day to let the body relax and recharge. Children have learned about the importance of maintaining well being, through balancing movements, yogic exercise and connecting with their inner self in quiet moments.


Director Vin has been taking children through a variety of movements and meditations, "We have some avid yogis who manage to sustain their focus during the half-hour yoga practice", she said. "Toddlers who no longer sleep during the day are invited to have quiet time and rest, lying on the mat listening to stories our taking about our day and what adventures we had in the morning! We have noticed differences in behaviour after yoga, children are calmer and generally, in a good mood!"


Murray House Director Vin does yoga each week with an experienced teacher, who comes and does a (paid) class for staff after hours.


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