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Johnson House Preschool checks on Peppa pig following the big storm

- April 27, 2015

On Friday Johnson House centre director Mariam took a small group of children on an adventure to check on the wellbeing of our own Peppa pig, so named by the children, who until last Tuesday had resided happily under the Peppercorn tree that was felled in last week’s storm.

Fortunately, the children discovered that Peppa had survived the disaster relatively unscathed. She seems to be missing her tail, and is a little bent, but other than that she is ok, and will continue to live happily in our gardens.

The children also observed the newly exposed tree roots of the fallen tree and the paving that had been damaged as the tree fell. Mariam pointed out where a branch has slightly bent the guttering on the old Gorton heritage building, and commented that it was lucky that it didn’t fall onto the building.

Nathan was particularly intrigued as to why the tree was planted so close to the building in the first place, his tone implying that the whole thing could have been planned a bit better! However, Mariam explained that the tree was actually here before the building, and that both the tree and the building are very old. 


L: Johnson House Preschool children observe the wreckage; R: Peppa relaxes in the sunshine following her brush with disaster

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