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Health and wellbeing is not just for the people in Johnson House

- July 10, 2015

The children in Johnson House have recently begun talking about health and wellbeing, which is the theme for this year’s Art Show. This has led the children to also begin thinking about how we take care of our pets, and what we need to do to make sure they are happy and healthy.

The children have been very keen to talk about the pets they have at home and to share information about how they care for them. The educators have created a space in the room where they have written up the names and types of pets the children have, as well the children’s ideas for keeping their pets healthy and happy.

Some of the children have brought in photos of their pets to display in this space and others have contributed drawings and scribblings about their pets. On child, Lucy, has created a drawing of a rabbit, and an educator has scribed this story for her: Lucy does not have any pets but would like a bunny rabbit one day. Lucy likes rabbits because they have fluffy fur and they are cute.

Johnson House’s educational program includes a strong focus on helping children to learn about the role they can play in caring for people, animals, plants and their wider environment, and these concepts are embedded in the everyday learning and conversations that take place in the centre.


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