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Exploring The Magic of Books for Book Week

- August 27, 2015

Educators at The Infants Home have been organising activities to help children celebrate book week: encouraging children to enjoy authors and books, to find out where books can be accessed from and to involve parents and carers in the magic of stories and storytelling.

Robinson House does all things books!

The children of Robinson house reading together during Book Week

Robinson House children have enjoyed making book marks, CD story telling time, puppet making sessions and even a puppet show for book week! Educators set up book friendly areas in the classrooms and encouraged parents and carers to come in on Tuesday or Thursday morning to spend time enjoying stories by reading with children individually or in groups.

(L): Parents and carers reading to the children in Robinson House
(R): The children getting creative and making book marks


Murray House children learn about books at the Library 

Children in Murray House have grown to love book reading and story-telling as a daily small group activity. When asked where you might be able to get books from, children answered ‘From a shop’ or Át the library’, so an excursion was planned to Five Dock Library for book week.

The children from Murray House at Five Dock Library

The outing created opportunities for children to learn about how to be safe when out in a group by holding hands, having an excursion ‘buddy’ and being aware of the world around them. Children practiced by going on mini-excursions across The Infants’ Home’s grounds beforehand.

When at the library, each child chose a book to explore from the rack and educator Karen also read to the children as a group. Kiara’s dad Sanjiv joined the excursion to help keep everyone safe and together and had fun reading books with Kiara and friends.

(L): Choosing a book to explore
(R): Enjoying a book

For a treat, everyone headed down to the café for a babychino, which prompted many comments: “Mmm yum, it taste like ice cream” Tessa noted, “Mine taste like dinosaur” said Joel, “I want more” said Christopher, “I eat mine all up” replied Charlie, “I finish” echoed Raghav. Children were given $1 each to pay for their treat, helping them learn that goods and services cost money.

Babychinos taste good!



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