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Move over Monet - children in Rigby House paint still life!

- September 4, 2015

It's often said that art imitates life: grocery shopping items were used as inspiration for still life paintings by children in Rigby House.

When Rigby House educators were planning an art activity, they wanted to feature a topic of recent exploration with children in the 0-2 year old program. Children had been looking at different grocery shopping items, in particular fruit, to learn about colours and to practice language and communication.



A platter of fruit is a classic still life subject and was therefore perfect inspiration for the painting activity to develop children's ability to express thought and emotion, and to translate what they see in front of them with their eyes to paint shapes on paper with their hands.



Rigby House Director Nicky said: "We encouraged children to look carefully at their 'subjects' before painting. It was amazing to see how they could match the colours of fruit with their paint and the shapes they created".

The children enjoyed this thoughful, creative and talkative activity. Here are some notes from the educators' daily diary: "Ruby stood by and watched her peers paint, then shared what shapes she could see and how to paint them. Poppy paid close attention to her paint, and how it moved on the paper. Mahla liked the look at all of the colours, but especially enjoyed using yellow. Allegra was very careful when painting, it looked as if her lines were very deliberate. Amalia moved her head to the rhythm of the paintbrush, watched and smiled as she saw the colours appear on the paper. Sage narrated her use of colours as she painted too".


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