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Exploring taps, buckets and tubes for National Science Week!

- August 20, 2015

Children at The Infants' Home have been celebrating National Science Week by exploring the world around them.

We probably don't think about it very much, but our daily lives are a celebration of developments in science. Continuing along this line of thought,  educators have been working with children at The Infants' Home this week - National Science Week - to learn about some of the basic principles of maths and science by exploring activities and materials that are part of their daily programs; like sand, sound and water play. 

As an example, Johnson House children have been having fun communicating with each other using a piece of rubber tubing to explore how sound waves travel, and children in Gorton House Toddlers Program have been learning about volume by looking at the different quantities of sand and water held by various sand play toys in their sandpit: buckets, cups, bowls and tubes.

Gorton House educator Thu Zar said "The children really enjoy exploring the world around them and learning how it works. We've also explored technology this week by looking at how taps work, both in the centre when children wash their hands, and in the playground when children turn the water fountains on."


Children in Johnson House explore sound waves using a rubber tubing 'telephone'. 

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