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A picture of family is worth a thousand words for children starting at Murray House

- January 29, 2015

As we come to the end of January (already!), the new children are settling in to Murray House with the help of cuddles, reassuring words and a family photo.

Educator Dalia, from Murray House Infants’ room, says that while the children are settling really well, there are still times when it can all become a little overwhelming, and a few tears are shed. At these times lots of cuddles and reassuring words comfort the children, and each child can also hold and look at a framed photo of their family that was taken during an earlier orientation visit to the centre. Having access to a photo of familiar family members helps to calm children who are experiencing separation anxiety, which is anormal part of starting child care.


Educators, Sandya (L) and Lucia help children to play and explore as they settle into Murray House Infants' room.

Murray House also has an ‘open door policy’, meaning that parents are welcome to come in and spend time at the centre with their child. This helps new parents to become familiar and comfortable with the space their child will be in, and they can also use these visits to talk with the educators about their child’s individual routines, interests and needs.


Julia, who's son Joshua is starting at Murry House, spends some time in the playroom while Joshua trials his first sleep time at the centre. Julia loves the centre's home-like atmosphere, and has enjoyed spending time in the room getting to know the staff and other children.

As well as new children and parents, Murray House Infants also has a new staff member, early childhood teacher Sandya. Like the new families, Sandya, who started in the centre at the beginning of January, is very appreciative of the centre’s warm and welcoming atmosphere. She says that it has been enjoyable getting to know her new colleagues, children and families over the past three busy weeks, and that it’s nice to be part of the settling in process with children and parents from the very beginning. 

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