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Goldman Sachs brings the beach to our doorstep

- January 7, 2015

Summertime and sand go hand in hand, and this week a group of volunteers from Goldman Sachs brought at bit of the beach to The Infants’ Home!

At a time when children love to make sandcastles at the beach , it seemed fitting to kick off our Corporate Volunteering Program in 2015 with a project to freshen up our sandpits.

Goldman Sachs have helped keep The Infants' Home's sandpits clean and full for years, and an enthusiastic team left the office behind to join us in the great outdoors (of our playgrounds!) to top up our 10 sandpits with 10 tonnes of fresh sand, saying it was 'hard work, but good fun'. 


The group spent the day working in two teams to load, cart, dump, spread and rake sand to ensure the sandpits in our five early learning centres are ready for playful children to get creative and have fun in.

Some of the children were so keen to get amongst the new sand that they pitched in with their buckets and spades to help finish the job, spreading sand around evenly.

The project was supported by Goldman Sachs Community Teamworks volunteer grants. Through this program, Goldman Sachs have helped maintain our sandpits over the last few years, inlcuding a huge effort to empty and replace sand in our largest sandpits in July last year. (read about it here).

We thank Goldman Sachs and the team for a job well done!

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