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Volunteers travel from near and far to help out at Sydney Wide Family Day Care

- August 8, 2014

On Wednesday four eager volunteers from PLAN Australia travelled from Newcastle, the Central Coast, Sutherland Shire and Bellevue Hill to help out at the Coordination Unit at The Infants’ Home’s Sydney Wide Family Day Care Eastern hub in Randwick.

The team did a great job of washing the Coordination Unit bus, weeding and planting to spruce up the playground and they even tightened up the huge shade sail, which was no easy task.

They also refreshed the sandpit with lovely new sand, and when the neighbouring preschool caught site of the action, they asked if they could have our old sand to top up their massive sandpit – it was great to be able to recycle the unwanted sand!


The volunteers also planted some bromeliads in the front of the neighbouring Dementia Centre. Sydney Wide Family Day Care manager Catherine Hunter said "We like to help our neighbouring services wherever we can to create and reinforce a caring community".


The playroom and playground spaces at the Coordination Unit are an important part of the educational program offered to children attending a Sydney Wide Family Day Care service. Children attending different family day care homes come together for regular playgroups at the Coordination Unit, giving them opportunities to interact with a wider variety of other children and adults and allowing them to participate in planned and spontaneous play and learning experiences as part of a larger group.

The outdoor area also boasts an edible garden, where children the children grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Caring for the garden is ongoing with weeding, watering, composting and looking after the worm farm, and the children learn about sustainable practices like saving their fruit and vegetable scraps to feed the worms.

A big thankyou to the PLAN Australia team for helping to keep this valuable space spick and span!


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