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Stormy skies over The Infants’ Home (and most of NSW!) puts a damper on Carols

- December 10, 2014

We were very disappointed to have had to cancel our beloved Carols by Twilight last Friday due to the stormy weather.

According to news reports, Sydney experienced a record stretch of storm activity last week, beating the previous five-day record from December 2007. However, on Friday we had hoped that we would get a two hour window of storm-free twilight so that we could welcome all of our families and friends to join us for our annual get together.

Sadly, it not was not to be. By 3pm the sky was turning black, and then, right on cue, the rain hit at 5pm, along with some rather alarming thunder and lightning.

Thank you to all of our families for being so understanding of our need to cancel the event, even after the rain had stopped, for safety reasons. We know that it was a big disappointment for many of the children, and that it put some parents under quite a bit of pressure to console their unhappy children

The musicians from Ashfield Boy’s High School Band and Ukulele Circle were also very disappointed not to be able to perform and sing, but at least the four entertaining elves we had booked turned up and were able to add to the fun of Murray House’s end of year party, which was scheduled to take place before the Carols.

Since our food was already ordered and we didn’t want to waste it, our volunteers from Herbalife still cooked up a wonderful complimentary BBQ which was served to families as they left.

Let’s hope that next year our luck will return so that we can once again come together to celebrate a year of success and community.


                                       The sky we were hoping for vs the one we got!

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