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Singing farewell to a bird

- January 6, 2014

The children of The Infants' Home sing farewell to a fledgling magpie.

Today there was a touch of sadness at The Infants' Home. A fledgling magpie fell out of a tree and into a sandpit in Gorton 3-5. Unfortunately he did not make it, and was buried on the grounds. The children from Gorton House who had seen the bird were curious as to what had happened to him. Educators therefore took turns to show the children where the magpie was buried. The children sang songs as goodbye.

Educator Komal with children from Murray House visiting the grave.

The story about the magpie spread to the other houses, and more visits ensued. Educator Komal explained how the bird passed away and then the children chose to sing "Twinkle, twinkle little star" to the bird.

The grave, marked with a spoon and flowers.

Staff were very touched by the children's heartfelt goodbye.

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