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They’re Back!!

- February 6, 2014

Rowan and Freya Howes, representing Kids in Philanthropy, return to The Infants’ Home to donate two laptops for our programs

Kids in Philanthropy (K.I.P.) is a non-profit fund that focuses on building social awareness, social conscience, and the practice of giving in Australian children. In 2013 The Infants’ Home first met Rowan (10) and Freya (5), when they came to give $500 to our CEO Anita Kumar, which they raised through a fundraising stall they held at a K.I.P fun day.

On 24th January this year, The Infants’ Home was once again fortunate to welcome Rowan, Freya and their mum, Ingrid, when they visited to donate two laptops which will be used by our educators in our early childhood education and care centres. The laptops were donated to K.I.P by Avaya, one of the organisation’s sponsors. The computers will be shared by educators across our centres, and they will be used to assist children with communication and learning difficulties and to support the delivery of the everyday educational programs for children.

Anita very much appreciated Rowan, Freya and Ingrid taking time out from the busy last week of their school holidays to travel across Sydney to personally deliver the laptops to The Infants’ Home. Both Rowan and Freya agree that the great thing about K.I.P. is that they can have fun and make friends while at the same time helping and giving to others.

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