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New group for children starting school in 2015

- October 8, 2014

The SpOT Children’s Clinic is excited to offer a School Starters Group during January 2015.


Speech Pathologists Lori Hoffman and Alice Berry are working together to provide small group experiences that promote school readiness skills such as:

 Who?   Children between 4-6 years of age          

When? January 2015

Cost?   $60 per child per day 

Where? The SpOT Children’s Clinic, 17 Henry Street, Ashfield, 2131

You will be asked to choose between:

The group sessions will be 2 hours duration and practise materials will be available. Before group starts, either Lori or Alice will call you for a chat to help get to know your child. Acceptance into the group will be at the Speech Pathologist’s discretion.

For more information call Angelica on 8719 5063 or e-mail

Download the flyer here

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