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Yoga for children in Murray House

- November 14, 2014

The children in Murray House’s 2-3s room enjoy daily yoga sessions led by educator Deepa Dasgupta.

Earlier this year Deepa decided to share her personal interest in yoga with the children, and it has really caught on. Each day the children join Deepa for a yoga session that incorporates stretching, breathing and executing yoga poses.


 Educator Deepa leads the children through their yoga session

Deepa says that yoga has many of the same benefits for children as it does for adults, including reducing stress and anxiety and promoting the development of balance, strength and flexibility. It is also a fun way for both children and adults to exercise and to develop an overall sense of wellbeing and self-confidence.


Ariadna executes the 'three legged dog' (L) and 'tree' yoga poses

The yoga sessions are accompanied by relaxing music, and the children’s sleep/rest mats double as yoga mats. Many of the children now have several of the yoga moves down pat, and the sessions are an integral part of the everyday routine in Murray House. This is great news for the children, considering the wealth of physical and emotional benefits of yoga, and the opportunities it provides for children to learn about their bodies and health.

Lachlan enjoys Murray House's yoga sessions

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