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Murray House celebrates with children and families

- December 10, 2014

While we were very disappointed that we had to cancel our big Carols by Twilight event at the last hour last Friday due to rain and storms, Murray House was still able to host their centre’s end of year celebration for children and families under the safety of their roof.

Families arrived from 4.30pm with a plate or drinks to share, and the Elves who we had booked to entertain all at Carols were happy to add to the fun of Murray House’s end of year party, creating at least a hundred balloon toys and animals and listening to the children share their Christmas stories and wishes.


Our volunteers from Herbalife did a great job, cooking up a wonderful complimentary BBQ which was served to families as they left.  


By 6pm, the sky was clear again and departing families stopped for a nibble and a chinwag on the lawn before heading off home.


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