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Helping children cope with media coverage of the Martin Place siege

- December 16, 2014

Today our thoughts and sympathies are with the victims and their families and friends who have been impacted by the Lindt Chocolate Café siege in Sydney’s Martin Place, especially the two hostages who tragically lost their lives. Some of our families may also be struggling with helping their children to cope with the media coverage of this event.

The siege has received almost blanket coverage both during and after the event, with highly disturbing images and commentary often being repeated over and over again. Many parents may choose to try to prevent their children from seeing or hearing this coverage. However, this may be difficult due to the sheer volume of coverage across all forms of media including the internet, television and radio.

The following links provide information about how media coverage of traumatic events may affect children of different ages and suggest practical strategies for parents and carers to help children to cope with any fears and anxiety arising due to exposure to media coverage.


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