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Celebrating diversity on Harmony Day

- March 21, 2014

Harmony Day was celebrated across The Infants' Home on Friday March 21.

Children celebrated Harmony Day in different ways in our centres, with finger painting, special games and storytelling among the activities centred on fun and friendship.

A tasty table of treats

Staff celebrated our cultures and tastes with a shared lunch.

Karen shows off her salmon patties


The tables groaned under the weight of our diverse and delicious lunch buffet: apple pie, roast duck, spanikopita, chicken tikka, prawn dumplings,tabouli, rice pudding and vegemite and cheese sandwhiches were just some of the dishes on offer.

The message of Harmony 

Ana-Louisa Franco, Director of Rigby House and coordinator of the event at The Infants' Home said:

"The message of Harmony Day is Everyone Belongs. It is a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity. It is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world. Bring a plate to share that is from your cultural background or simply your favourite. This will help us to see the diversity not just in the types of foods we eat, but also in our tastes."

Mariana (left) and Ana-Louisa (right) tuck in to tasty treats


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