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And…action! A busy morning of obstacle courses and tug of war

- November 3, 2014

It was House vs House and children vs educators, but all in the spirit of active play and a little friendly competition.

Last week the children from Gorton House invited the children from Robinson House to tackle a big obstacle course that had been set up on The Infants’ Home’s main lawn.

The children had a wonderful time balancing across beams and stepping through a tyre course, while enjoying the beautiful spring weather.


       Everyone's  muscles were flexed  when the children took on the educators - and won!

However, the highlight of the morning’s exertions (apart from a sighting of a plane doing sky writing) were some hotly contested tug of war matches. Initially it was House vs House, and all of the children put their best foot forward in the spirit of friendly competition.

Gorton and Robinson Houses' educators decided to get in on the action too, and the rival House teams joined forces to give the adults a run for their money – which they certainly did! In the end, the children’s might was too much for our educators, and they conceded the match – just in time for everybody to help pack away and get ready for a well-deserved lunch.

                       All hands were on deck to help pack away the obstacle course

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