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The Infants' Home to manage family day care services in Pittwater

- July 26, 2013

Pittwater Council has announced it will outsource the management of its family day care services to The Infants’ Home.

Our FDC Manager Catherine Hunter (back left) with Cath Mitchell (back) and three of our longest-serving FDC carers (L to R) Santana Gois (22 years) Shaheen Rauf (31 years) and Judith O’Shea (23 years)

This gives the 36 family day care providers in Pittwater municipality the opportunity to enhance their existing service with the organisation that pioneered family day care in NSW.

With The Infants' Home, family day care providers enjoy ongoing professional development, and the peace of mind that they are part of a team dedicated to high quality education and care for children and families.

Pittwater Council says it will no longer be a direct provider of childcare services because childcare has changed dramatically over the last 21 years.

Meeting tough new quality standards

The Infants' Home CEO, Anita Kumar, says it is critical for all family day care providers to continue to meet the criteria in the Federal Government’s Early Years Learning Framework.

"We were one of the first organisations in NSW to receive a license to manage in-home childcare, which has been operating now for 36 years," says Anita.

"With our years of experience in early childhood education and care, we can support FDC carers to ensure their service remains dynamic, relevant and accredited.

"This is especially important now given the growing demands of governments."

A strong family day care network

The Infants' Home currently manages FDC services in:

Our FDC service grew strongly in 2012. We currently have 66 educators who receive training and support from our Family Day Care Coordination Unit. Last year, 657 children attended a FDC managed by The Infants’ Home.

The Infants' Home already manages family day care in many parts of Sydney. Illustration by Liz Lovell.


Establishing a new hub in Pittwater

The Infants' Home Coordination Unit is staffed by experienced and qualified early childhood professionals. They ensure the services offered by educators are high quality and provide each child with every opportunity.

The Infants' Home plans to establish a new FDC hub in Pittwater from where its Coordination Unit will:

Support for family day care providers

Our Coordination Unit publishes a bi-monthly online newsletter for parents and carers of children enrolled in family day care.

We also provide access to current information, such as tips and strategies that help parents support the health and wellbeing of their children.

Anita says The Infants' Home is currently applying to become an organisation of excellence under Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

"So parents in Pittwater can rest assured that the FDC service their child attends will be joining a well-resourced, dynamic and innovative organisation whose commitment to quality in caring for children stretches back 139 years."

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