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Our AGM: That was the year that was

- May 22, 2013

Staff, supporters and friends gather to mark the passing of another year in the long and proud history of The Infants' Home.

People listen to the presentations under a marquee on our main lawn at Ashfield.

The Infants' Home's 138th Annual General Meeting was held on May 16, 2013.

The formalities included:

The Art of Integration

There was a presentation by guest speaker Dr Sandra Wong, from Charles Sturt University, about research that she completed with The Infants’ Home and Dr Fran Press, also from Charles Sturt University.

The findings of that research were compiled into a report called The Art of Integration: Recruiting and Maintaining Staff in Integrated Services.

Staff Awards

Recognising outstanding effort from such a large group of dedicated staff is difficult. For the calendar year 2012 the winners were:


Emma Stanton – Community Development Officer


Ana Franco – Director, Rigby House

Meritorious Service

Gorton House (Vinsensia Christanto, Paromita Sen, Deepa Dasgupta, Karen Dashwood, Nahida Ali, Melissa Woolfrey and Yoshie Sasage)

(L to R) Vinsensia Christanto, Melissa Woolfrey, Deepa Dasgupta, Paromita Sen and Nahida Ali.


Thi My Truong – Educator, Robinson House

Team of the Year

Johnson House Babies (Cathy Fauth, Yi Deng, Catherine Xu, Frances Hanna, Lisa Riviera and Cindy Tan)

(L to R) Cathy Fauth, Frances Hanna, Catherine Xu and Cindy Tan

Special recognition

Finally, there was a special moment to acknowledge five long-time Family Day Care educators who were retiring after many years of service.

Shaheen Rauf, Ana Sansone, Cris Doolan, Judith O'Shea and Santana Gois had each provided more than 20 years of care for The Infants’ Home Family Day Care service.

"We are fortunate that three of these women could join us today and we would like them to accept this small gift to acknowledge their contribution to The Infants' Home, to FDC and to the community," said The Infants’ Home CEO, Anita Kumar.

(L to R) Santana Gois (22 years service) Shaheen Rauf (31 years) and Judith O’Shea (23 years)

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