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It's time to take some Big Steps

- February 13, 2013

Big Steps is the campaign to win professional wages for early childhood educators and carers. Here's how you can help.

Early childhood education is in the depths of a workforce crisis – 180 educators leave the sector each week due to low wages and conditions. When they leave, their knowledge, experience and passion goes out the door with them.

With a chronic lack of qualified staff and no ability to retain existing staff, the sector faces ongoing instability for educators, children and their parents – unless something changes.

The solution is higher wages

A professional wage is akin to that of a tradesperson who holds the same level of qualification as someone working in early childhood education.

Currently, an educator with a Certificate III earns just $18.58 per hour – little more than the minimum wage.

Educators are leaving early childhood education because they can earn more money swiping groceries or stacking shelves in a supermarket.

That is why Big Steps is asking the Federal Government to make up the shortfall between award and professional wages in early childhood education – about $1.4 billion in recurrent funding.

Less than 100 days to go

In May’s budget, the Federal Government will make one of the most important decisions for Australia's children when it decides whether to fund professional wages for early childhood educators.

Tell the Prime Minister how important our children’s future is by sending her your Valentine’s Day message now.

Take a moment to ask Julia Gillard to be your Valentine and ensure children are at the heart of the budget.

You’ll be adding your voice to a call for a better future for your children – and all of Australia’s children.

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