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Growing the culture of giving

- July 3, 2013

The Infants' Home plays host to two of the youngest philanthropists we have ever welcomed.

Rowan, Anita Kumar, and Freya at our new early education and care centre.

Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes – and ages.

Rowan Howes, aged 10, and his sister Freya, aged 5, made a special visit to The Infants' Home this week to donate a cheque for $500.

Rowan and Freya were representing Kids In Philanthropy – a non-profit fund that focuses on building social awareness, social conscience, and a practice of giving in Australian children.

Fundraising the traditional way

Rowan and Freya raised more than $2,300 at a stall they held at a Kids In Philanthropy fun day at Gordon in Sydney.

They sold books, clothes, and toys, as well as biscuits and cakes their mother Ingrid helped them to make.

Rowan and Freya came to The Infants' Home to give $500 of their fundraising efforts to our CEO Anita Kumar. 

Speaking with wisdom beyond his years, Rowan says:

"It's important to help people who don't have as much as you, especially other children. If we help them, then maybe they can get a better education and have a better life."

Thank you from The Infants' Home

Anita says she was touched by the children's generosity.

"I've been in the fortunate position over the years to accept cheques worth hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars, but this $500 is as profound in its own way because it comes from children.

"Our sincere thanks to Rowan and Freya, and all the young philanthropists they represent at Kids In Philanthropy.

"If Australia can continue to grow the next generation of humanitarians,  The Infants' Home can provide more and more opportunities to children and families in vulnerable circumstances."

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