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Getting to know our community

- June 15, 2013

Eight children from Gorton House enjoy an outing to John Paton Reserve and Envy Cafe in Summer Hill with educators Vin, Robyn, Karen and Melissa.

Educator Robyn with the Gorton House adventurers in the wilds of Summer Hill.

It was a morning of learning, food and fun.

Scout, Junichi, Rose, Lela, Layla, Erik, Iris, and Zoe combined all three when they took their seats in the courtyard at Envy.


(L) Zoe displays her babycino smile and (R) Junichi scooping his babycino.

Matthew and his friendly cafe staff interacted with the children. They all enjoyed a babycino and paid with their $1 coin.

Millicent and Layla settle their bill with Matthew at Envy Cafe.


The children practised road safety by holding their buddy’s hand and looking left and right before crossing the street.

"We learned that the special place for us to cross the road is called a zebra cross, not a giraffe cross, because it has black and white stripes, just like a zebra," Vin says.

"On the way to the park, we met a friendly dog who enjoyed the children’s attention by wagging its tail."


Iris and her friends enjoy a picnic in the park.

When the children arrived at the park, everyone was feeling hungry, so the Gorton group sat on their big picnic mat and enjoyed a snack.

Scout told everyone that her tomato "came from my Dad’s garden".

Rose replied: "My apple came from the kitchen."


Afterwards, the children explored the playground.

William and Erik pretended to be firemen as they slid down the pole.

Trainee firement Erik (L) and William practice a drill.

Scout and Iris swung from the gymnastic rings, while Junichi tested his muscle strength by hanging from the monkey bar.

"Through this activity, the children broaden their understanding of the world in which they live, and they get to practice road safety, manners when being in a public place, and self help skills."

It was all too much for Lela and Rose, who needed a snooze on the bus on the group’s trip back to The Infants' Home.

Lela (L) and Rose grab a cat nap on the drive from Summer Hill to The Infants' Home at Ashfield.

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